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We are very excited to announce that our next show will take place at the ACT theatre in Kingston on the 1st and 2nd February 2025.

Chaperones needed - Time to apply for your licence.

We need at least four chaperones with licences per class to make the show run. This may seem like a longtime away, but it can take several months to get  a licence. If you already have a licence, please check if it will still be valid. If you don't have one and would like more information, you need to apply through your local council who will have more information.

I will cover the cost of the licence



Surrey County Council


Sutton County Council


Kingston Council

Important Dates

30th September 2024 - Sign up deadline to be in the show.

Please complete the show sign up form attached here.

1st December 2024 - Deadline for payment of production fee. £50 per child.

3rd January 2025 - Tickets go on sale

Search for Ewell Dance

£15 adult and £10 children

We are having a separate show for students aged 3-6 years. Students of this age group will only be needed on:


Sunday 2nd February 2025

10am -11.20am Rehearsals and Show for students aged 3-6 years


The times will change slightly depending on the ages and levels of the students, but the approximate times as a guideline for now are:


For Students aged 7 years and above, they will be in the older show.


Saturday 1st February 2025

10am – 6.45pm – Tech rehearsal and dress run. This day will be staggered so that younger ones arrive later, but the exact timings will be sent nearer the time as it depends on how many people commit to the show.


Sunday 2nd February 2025

11am – 5.30pm - Performances. Timings to follow.

We need chaperones and parent helpers to volunteer to help backstage. Please help if you can. 

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